Sunday, 26 January 2014

Our poem.

This poem shall speak of a Rigid sea that has washed deep into its shores.. of mothers crying for her young swallowed up by the sea.. This poem shal say nothing new this poem shall speak of time, time unlimited time undefined.. this poem shall call names.. names like Lumumba, Kenyatta,Nkhurma ,Mandela& Emperior Haile silase. this poem is based on a part of Racism Pharcism.. Riots in briston, Antlanta jim jones Iraq.. this poem is revolting againist the 3rd world,2nd world &1st world & Man made decssions ..this poem is like all the Rest.. This poem wil not be world leading poem this poem will not be recited by poetry of art..or will not be Quoted by Politicians or Men of Religion..This poem is Knives, Blood ,guns,Fire blazzing for Freedom. Yes this poem is a Drum.. Ashanti , Hibour, Yoruba, Nyapingi warriors..Zulu warriors.. This poem will not change things.. Thiss poem needs to be changed. This poem is a Revert  of a poeple Arising Awakening Understanding..This poem speaks has spoken..This poem shall continue even when poets have stopped writting.. This poem shal survive you me.. it shall linger in  history or  in your mind  in time for eva..This poem is stil not written..This poem has no poet this poem is just part of a story her story his story our story.. The story stil untold..This poem is now Ringing Through your mind talking irritating..making you want to stop Reading it.. but this person wil not stop.. This poem is long cannot be short.. this poem canot be tailled cannot be blammed..This story is still not told about this peom.. This person is old new This poem was copied from the bible ,prayer book, readers digest, play  boy magazine.. new york times.. & C.I.A findings..This poem is no secret this poem shall be called  boring stupid, Senseless.. This poem is watching you trying to make sense out of this poem.. This poem is messing your brians up..making u want to stop Reading..But you shall not stop listening to this poem you will need to know what will be said next in this poem.. This poem wil dissapoint you beacause  this poem is to be continued in your mind...

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