Thursday, 10 October 2013

The passion to live yor own kind of Dream...: Anttansion na sida...(Beware of Aids)

 Anttansion na sida...(Beware of Aids): Aids a terrible illness, a disease which does not forgive,a disease which feels sorry for no one.its deadly plese keep your bodies to your ...

Anttansion na sida...(Beware of Aids)

Aids a terrible illness, a disease which does not forgive,a disease which feels sorry for no one.its deadly plese keep your bodies to your self and i will keep mine too... Aids does not pick based on age mothers ,be careful fathers be carefull am so lost of words.... Aids where do i begin....Aids surely devides tribes, aids destroys marriages, aids has torn apart my family ..many people u ate with will run away upon knowing u have the virus even those u drink and have fun with will all run away and abandoned me..Aids only raveges people ..Africa Aaccusingly is the birth place of the deadly diesese recently Aisa has been torn apart by the fangs of today all continets find them under attack .aids has not stopped to spread to evry corner of society bieng a victim of the pandemic.babies, young  children teenage adults , old people ,manual workers,office workers, ceo's men women even doctors t.hemselves Aids will surely pounce on evry one &will kill any one it sees not protecting themselves .our brothers &sisters who already have this deadly disease pliz do not act with evil intent and contaminate others on purpose. Many people have even forgotten about other illnesses if the see or hear any one is sick all the say  its Aids..a person losess weight the say aids if a person dies the say aids has killed him or her but for all the other odd illnesses around why have we forgoten about them??? We only look up to our creator to ask wer this diesease came women out there who are pregnant,who alredy know the are carrying the virus bear in  mind that  you can or not pass it on to your unborn infant.dear women avoid getting pregnant whilest you know your condition.Young people be carefull aids can attack you especcially if due to living force by society..if we all die who will be left with our nations future?? Nurses,doctors researchers society has its eyes fixed on you  if a cure is to be found it will surely come from you.nurses be carefull with your your medicall utensils which have alredy been used put on yo gloves when you are touching anything realated to blood.goverments of rich countries please help nations with means to fight the pandemic please dont provide poor nations with weapons which in turn incite us to fight each other. world nations pliz come together train each other exchange ideas so that the can increase our knowledge about aids. political authorities please use media houses such as radio and television to inform the public about must tell the public on how the can protect them selves  this war must surely unite us in mass mobillisation. We must all fight aids..... I have no doubt in my mind that hiv is a man made virus have we found conections between Hiv/Aids No!!! complied by bk Khadmak investments..

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Accepting the change

Many of us have always had wishes and dreams.... but the huge Question is have they come true???  well,maybe due to rough times in our growing not all have had an easy Childhood .so many people of the world want the best for them selves thier times when either our guardians or bilogical parents pass on en yess the chapter changes adjustments learning to leave with orther people certain bunch of rules come in but its u now as an orphan to take up a great challenge whilest u are healing from a loss and as well as adapting.... such Moments can be a pain..But from my own kind of research i think the best one can do in such a situation is to add prayer &have respect and learning to ignore the upcoming Challenges.....its surely does pay...(Khadmak Investments team)